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Zoom C5.1t ZFX Control Package
The ZFX Control Package provides a virtual hall of fame with precise models of world-renowned amps and effects. The package offers 12 classic  guitar amplifers, 5 amazing bass amplifers, 16 speaker cabinets, 4  recording microphones and 41 stomp box effects, all on your computer.  With drag-and-drop simplicity, a user can choose any combination of  amplifer, cabinet and effects while positioning their virtual mic in  just the right place.

Used as stand-alone software or as a VST plug-in application for use in  digital audio software such as Cubase®, the ZFX Control Package comes  with the C5.1t floor controller interface that offers a total solution  for guitar and bass players.

ZFX provides the perfect mix of precision and simplicity. Select your  amplifer, cabinet, mic and effects models from the catalog with a simple drag and drop to the Amplifer Area. Each selection in the catalog has a detailed description of the history and specific tones you’ll get from  each model. You can also make sure your recordings are always in tune  with the built-in guitar tuner.

For enhanced control, the included C5.1t is a floor console with USB  functionality specifically designed for the ZFX plug-in. Five assignable footswitches allow you to control effect on/off, patch change, tap  tempo input and bypass/mute. The built-in expression pedal provides  control over effects parameters in real time. Common pedal effects such  as wah, pitch and volume are available, and you can also adjust  modulation rate, delay-reverb mix level and other parameters as well.

The new ZFX Control Package from Zoom provides countless options for  guitarists and bassists to creatively manipulate their sound. With  assistance from legendary guitar rigs, ZFX offers you all the accuracy  and ease you need to become a REAL guitar hero!

Series: ZFX Modeling Software
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: Windows XP (SP2) / Windows Vista; Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 or better; 512 MB RAM; USB 1.1 or 2.0 compatible port
Plugin Formats: VST
Standalone: Yes
Other Features: 12AX7 Preamp Tube
Effects: Yes
iLok Compatible: No

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Zoom G1u Guitar Effects Pedal + USB Interface

The modeling technology developed for Zoom's ZFX Plug-in came in handy when creating the all-new sounds for the G1u. A comprehensive list of  parameters was fine-tuned to convincingly recreate 20 guitar amps and  stomp boxes. There are 10 original drive type settings as well,  producing quality sound and remarkable dynamic presence.

But the G1u offers more than great modeling...
Connect the G1u to a computer with a USB cable and it works as an audio  interface. And Zoom's direct monitoring design eliminates latency. Now  you can get the perfect tone and ensure it's captured right on your  computer, whether you're at home recording to your desktop or on the  road with your laptop. For practicing, performing or recording, the G1u  has endless tone possibilities for any style of playing.

The G1u includes ZFX Tools to create and edit new patches, or download  settings from the internet, a phrase recorder, drum and bass machine and 60 backing tracks to make practice more fun. The G1u also comes with  Ableton Live Lite 7 to record your music!

Guitar Pedal and USB interface with desktop patch editing software100 Pre-programmed Patches / 100 User Programmable Patches67 Stage-ready effects30 types of authentic drive tonesAdvanced ZFX-3 processing engine5 second looping functionBuilt-in auto-chromatic tunerIntegrated Drum Machine with PCM samplesBundled with Sonicware ZFX Tools and Ableton live lite 7 (Windows and OS X)Runs on four AA batteries, AD0006D adapter or USB bus powerUse with optional FS01 Footswitch or FP02 expression pedal.

Series: G Series USB Modeling Pedals
Number of Pedals: 1
Pedal Type: Switch and Continuous
Inputs/OutputsAudio: IN/OUT, USB , Control IN
Stereo: No
Controls Bank: Up/Down, Store, Master Level, Tuner

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Video Demo

Zoom G7.1ut Guitar Console (Tube, USB + Expression Pedal)
The G7.1ut Guitar Console takes the processing power of the G Series and  adds a real tube to the signal path for authentic sounds. With dual  programmable A/B pre amp channels, it's like having two separate pedal  boards. Setup and program you're A/B channels and the G7.1ut is capable  of performing a concert worth of material on the fly. The G7.1ut  features a built in expression pedal, the real tube energize function  that punches up drive and boosts volume, as well as a USB audio  interface and Cubase LE software. There is also Remote Patch Editor  software that is available online for future updates.

Other features:
 32-Bit Processing, 96 kHz Sampling Rate  Ultra-Wide Frequency Response 20Hz to 40kHz  24-Bit A/D, D/A converters
Series: G Series USB Consoles
Number of Pedals: 1
Pedal Type: Switch
Stereo: No
Other Features: 92 effects, 9 can be used simultaneously

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Zoom G1J John 5 Signature Pedal

True guitar prodigies quickly emerge beyond their  respective national scenes into the worldwide arena as a result of their exceptional talent and remarkable accolades. In light of his renowned  abilities, Zoom has created the G1J signature effects pedal to showcase  the varying tones of guitar virtuoso John 5. Guitarist John 5 has  compiled one of the most impressive resumes in rock. In addition to his  own solo work, his commanding riffs combined with his composition skills have most recently earned him a coveted spot playing with rock icon Rob Zombie. Because of his extended list of accomplishments, Zoom has  created the G1J pedal featuring John 5’s favorite and most innovative  guitar sounds.

It offers 40 patches emulating John 5’s choice  sounds and 40 open to the user’s creativity. With the dry, edgy tube amp sound of “American Witch,” the warped, apocalyptic sound of “Dooms Day” or even the clean country sound of “Country Shred,” aspiring guitarists can add a touch of John 5 to their own, unique riffs. The G1J is based  on Zoom’s immensely popular G1 effects pedal and features 32-bit  processing and 96 kHz sampling with a built-in drum machine. Designed  with sounds to inspire and plenty of room for your own creativity, this  new signature pedal combines the style and feel of a rock prodigy with  the effects expertise of Zoom. Includes AC adaptor, poster, patch list,  specially designed pick and a greeting card from the artist.

SeriesArtist: Signature Pedals
Power: TypeAC adaptor / (4) AA batteries
Number of Pedals: 2
Pedal Type: Switch
Inputs/Outputs: 1/4 in. in & out
Stereo: No

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Zoom G2R Richie Kotzen Signature Edition Pedal

World-Class Sounds from a World-Class Talent

With guitar styles ranging from rock, blues, jazz and fusion to pop and  soul, Richie Kotzen has long been touted as one of the best guitar  players in the world. Now, with a remarkably diverse career as a  guitarist and songwriter that spans 20 years, Kotzen brings his  musicality and tone devotion to the G2R.

The G2R offers a wealth of very musical settings and tones for recording  and live performance. Its comprehensive features include 32-bit  processing and 96kHz sampling, a built-in drum machine, metal chassis,  metal footswitches, three parameters per effect and the world’s fastest  patch-switching.

With a range of tonal solutions, the G2R provides diverse sounds suitable  for any number of playing styles. Dial up the "Old School" setting for  some flanged overdrive or "Clean Funk Tight" for early reflection  reverb, chorus and compression. You can even tap into specialized  patches like "Clean Horn Stab" which is designed for single note  staccato lines. Now you can add a new dynamic to your playing with  patches created by a world-renowned professional.

Designed with sounds to incorporate and inspire, this new signature pedal  combines the style and feel of a guitar prodigy with the effects  expertise of Zoom.

40 original patches by Richie Kotzen himself (20 studio and 20 live)
96 kHz sampling
24-bit A/D/A conversion
New Zoom ZFX-3 DSP chip
32-bit processing
20Hz – 40kHz flat response
120 dB SNR
16 classic amp and stomp box models
9 effect modules
54 effect types
40 user patches + 40 signature sounds
6-band EQ
Includes a custom poster, patch list, specially designed pick and a greeting card from Richie Kotzen .

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Boss ME50B Bass Multi Effect Pedal

Designed to work with your amplifier, the ME-50 focuses on killer multi-effects  (like COSM„¥ overdrive and distortion) rather than amp modeling. And  dialing in your tone is easy, thanks to dedicated knobs for each effect  section, three footswitches and a built-in expression pedal. So if you  want great-sounding effects without all the menu surfing, the ME-50 is  everything you need.

Floor-based multi-effects processor with the most intuitive user interface BOSS has ever offered 30 Preset Patches including delay, modulation, reverb, compressor and more
Killer COSM overdrive/distortion effects
Dedicated knobs for each effect section¡Xno menus to navigate
Tone Modify function offers Preset EQ settings for quick tone editing
3 footswitches for switching effects on and off with a single stomp
Onboard expression pedal pre-routed to 6 modulation options or volume
Rugged metal case with clear panel layout.


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Boss MT2 Distortion Pedal

The MT-2 Metal Zone™ is one of BOSS' most popular pedals. This stompbox  provides some of the most over-the-top, insane distortion tones in the  world—with huge mids and lows and an ultra-saturated sound.  

Incredible-sounding distortion pedal with unique dual-gain circuitry
Provides super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of overdriven amps
Three-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid control offers a wide range of extreme distortion textures
A must-have pedal for any hard rock or metal guitarist
BOSS 5-year warranty

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Boss GT10 Multi Effect Pedal

The GT-10, driven by BOSS’ latest custom-made DSP and proprietary  sound-modeling COSM® engine, is a floorboard powerhouse that offers  natural and musical response as well as a marked improvement in sound  quality from previous generations. It’s also loaded with an innovative  user interface, including EZ Tone, so guitarists can obtain the exact  sound they desire in the most intuitive way imaginable.








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